ICES CM Documents CD-ROM

This CD-ROM contains most of the ICES Council Meeting (CM) Documents relating to the ICES Annual Science Conference (ASC) and ICES Statutory Meeting held in September/October of a given year. It includes reports of ICES Committees and Working Groups as well as scientific papers presented at the ASC.

The CM Documents for each year are issued as CD-ROMS in two versions. The first, an "ASC edition", is produced for limited distribution to registered participants attending the relevant ASC or Statutory Meeting. The second version contains all the CM Documents that have been approved for release after the meetings and is as complete a set as can be compiled by the spring of the following year when it is issued. This version also contains the ICES Annual Report for the year in question. Copies of the final version may be obtained by applying to the ICES Secretariat.

To read and navigate through this CD-ROM you first need to install the Acrobat Reader with search facilities if you have not already done so. Version 4.0 or later is advisable. An installation package suitable for the Windows, Macintosh and a Unix environment can be found under the directory "readers" on the CD-ROM. For other computer systems, please consult the Adobe Web page on

Most documents are bookmarked (press F5 to reveal) in order to facilitate navigation through the documents. Many of the documents include clickable links for the same purpose.

The master document can be opened by loading Acrobat and then the .pdf file which is placed on the main directory of the CD-ROM. (Opening of this document may be automatic on loading the CD-ROM, but this feature has only been tested in Window's systems.) 

The search index is contained in the .pdx file. Follow the instructions on the master document page in order to install this. Consult Adobe Acrobat Help for details of how to use this search facility. 

All questions and enquiries concerning this CD-ROM should be addressed to:

International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES)
Palęgade 2-4
DK-1261 Copenhagen K
Tel: +45 33 15 42 25
Fax: +45 33 93 42 15

September 2001